Recipes with tuna

With our recipes using canned tuna, you can easily prepare a delicious meal. We offer various recipes, ensuring there's always one that suits your taste. Our recipes with canned tuna also align well with a responsible dietary pattern. It is recommended to consume fish at least once a week, making our recipes a great choice.

  • Versatile & tasty recipes
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  • Responsible choice

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Recipes with canned tuna: create responsible meals

The canned tuna used in our recipes is caught in a sustainable and responsible manner, which is why we have the MSC certification for sustainable fishing. Sorting, cleaning, and canning are also done responsibly to ensure optimal quality. With our recipes, you can create delicious dishes, such as a canned tuna salad. Of course, this is not the only tuna recipe; you can also make tuna packets, among others. All our recipes are suitable for both lunch and dinner. Explore all the recipes and choose your favorite meal.

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If you want to make recipes with canned tuna, you can find Deepblue tuna, other varieties, and various products in your local supermarket. With us, you are assured of excellent quality. If you would like more information about our fish varieties or our approach, our team in Barendrecht, near Rotterdam, would be happy to provide more details. Contact us by calling 010 20 40 160. You can also reach us by sending an email to