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Deepblue has been one of the best-known brands for canned fish in the Netherlands for decades! And there are good reasons for that! With Deepblue preserves you always have a tasty and responsible product at home. Our fish is generally caught in the wild, in oceans around the world. All this while we try to work sustainably and responsibly as consciously as possible and keep a close eye on nature. All this while keeping an eye on sustainability and nature.

From January 2020 we are proud to announce that our MSC certified tuna is now also available with Fair Trade certification. Furthermore, a large number of our products have "MSC certification" is "Pole & Line" or fishing with a rod and our tuna is "dolphin friendly".

Available at the supermarket, fish specialty store or wholesaler:
Our Deepblue range is available in supermarkets, at your fresh fish store or wholesaler. You can choose from various variants. For example, choose canned fish with tomato sauce, which is immediately ready for use in dishes. You can also choose for canned tuna with vegetables, so that you already have almost a complete meal. Looking for inspiration ?, please check our recipes page for even more variation or ideas. Do you have any questions about our products? Please contact us.


Easy lunch with a piece of French bread or as a big salad with cold pasta. Tasty side-dish for pasta dishes or baked potatoes.
  • 2 people
  • 15 minutes
  • Lunch
  • Tuna