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The advantages of preserved fish for usage in restaurants, catering, industrial processing and institutions.

The main advantage of preserves is the ability to always have a long lasting, high quality product in stock. A product with endless possibilities; pizza topping, sushi, a salad or ingredients for a delicious sandwich, to name a few. All preserved fish is suitable for usage in a hot meal.

We offer a diverse product range in bulk packaging. Crab, sardines, anchovies, salmon and tuna are mostly preserved in cans at the moment. However, pouches are gaining more ground as a solid alternative. Pouches are easy to use and have less residual waste. In addition, the quality of pouches is not inferior to that of cans.

We deliver our preserved fish in bulk packaging, directly per FCL to our customers. If you require smaller quantities, we also offer pallets. A combination of fish on a mixed pallet is free delivered.

A large part of our preserved fish is MSC certified.

Some recipes for the catering industry

Our produts for catering, wholesale and industrie

We supply a various range of bulk packaging, as well in cans as in pouch packaging. The advantage of pouch bags is that it is easier to work and there is less residual waste. The quality of pouch packaging is not inferior to that of tin. We deliver the bulk packaging directly to our customers by FCL or they can be ordered in combination with other fish species per mixed pallet.