Deepblue Fairtrade MSC tuna

Fish and seafood are a crucial source of export revenue for developing countries and hold significant economic importance. While fair trade has long existed in small-scale agriculture, such responsible trade models were not available to traditional, small-scale coastal fishermen until recently.

To change this situation, Fair Trade USA, in collaboration with fisheries experts and NGOs, has developed a technical standard for Fair Trade wild-caught fish. Products from this program bear the Fair Trade Certified logo and are allowed to be distributed globally.

Gloe & Zeitz has secured the distribution rights for Fair Trade fish products from the Maldives for the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavia. We proudly present the sustainable Deepblue Fair Trade MSC canned tuna.

Deepblue, a sustainable fish brand !

With our canned tuna or other tuna preserves, you can create tasty meals in a responsible manner. There are various tuna recipes that are easy to make. Consider, for example, a tuna salad on its own or in a sandwich. Not only is this delicious, but it is also responsible, thanks to the abundant nutrients in tuna. It's no wonder that it is recommended to consume fish at least once a week. Additionally, for dinner, canned tuna is a responsible choice. We offer not only tuna preserves but also canned tuna with vegetables.

Different types of tuna

With canned tuna, you ensure a responsible meal, such as a tuna salad. We offer various types of tuna, including:

  • Tuna in olive oil

  • Tuna in sunflower oil

  • Tuna in brine

  • Tuna with vegetables in spicy sauce

There is plenty of choice to prepare a responsible meal with canned tuna and tuna preserves. Consider, for example, tuna packets. With Deepblue preserves from Barendrecht, near Rotterdam, you are always assured of high quality products. This is because our fish is canned shortly after a sustainable catch.

Discover the various possibilities and create dishes with tuna

Canned tuna offers a responsible choice in many ways. Tuna and tuna preserves are indeed a suitable option to incorporate into your meal, such as tuna risotto. When you opt for tuna and tuna preserves from Deepblue, you are assured of high-quality. Contact us for more information. Call 010 20 40 160 or send an email to