Where does our fish originate?

How is our fish caught?

All types of Deepblue fish are caught in a responsible and sustainable manner, and
processed and packaged by certified manufacturers. Take our salmon, for example:

Fishing boats set sail!

Fishing boats in the northeastern part of the Pacific Ocean set sail in the early hours of the morning. The fishing technique that is used is called “Purse seine.”

A variety of conscientiously designed nets are used to ensure that the salmon is caught in a responsible manner.

Optimal freshness

The time between catching and canning is intentionally kept as short as possible. Once in the factory, the salmon is sorted, cleaned and canned. Fish that had been swimming in the sea in the morning is canned no more than sixteen hours later.

The speed of the process is an important factor in ensuring the nutritional value and taste of the fish.

The fish arrives in the Netherlands

As soon as the fish arrives in the Netherlands by cargo ship or by lorry from e.g. Spain or Portugal, it is immediately taken to one of various storage facilities, from which it is distributed to our customers. In this process we adopt the FIFO (first in, first out) system. Stored correctly, most cans have an expiration period of more than three years.

Create the tastiest dishes

Deepblue should be part of every kitchen that values fresh fish. Using our products, you can quickly and easily create a variety of responsible dishes.

Proudly we present Deepblue Fair Trade MSC tuna

This Deepblue tuna is the first fish product in The Netherlands that has obtained both
MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and Fair Trade.

A sustainable future is for us and our next generation very important

160 gram tuna chunks in sunfloweroil Fair Trade MSC
160 gram tuna chunks in brine Fair Trade MSC

Choose consciously, choose Deepblue !