Canned tuna

With canned tuna or other tuna preserves, you can create responsible dishes. Fish contains many vitamins. So, with our canned tuna, you are working responsibly to make wholesome meals. Consider a refreshing tuna salad as one of the many possibilities. Because our tuna carries the MSC certification, you are assured of sustainable fishing practices.

  • Versatile & tasty recipes.
  • Straight from the ocean
  • Responsible choice

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Canned tuna: create a responsible meal

With our canned tuna or other tuna preserves, you can make tasty meals in a responsible way. There are various easy-to-make recipes with tuna. Consider, for example, a tuna salad on its own or in a sandwich. It's not only delicious but also responsible, as tuna is rich in nutrients. There's a reason why it's recommended to eat fish at least once a week. Also, for dinner, canned tuna is a responsible choice. We offer not only tuna preserves but also canned tuna with vegetables.

Various types of tuna

With canned tuna, you ensure a responsible meal, such as tuna salad. We offer various types of tuna, including:

  • Tuna in olive oil

  • Tuna in sunflower oil

  • Tuna in brine

  • Tuna with vegetables in spicy sauce

There is plenty of choice to prepare a responsible meal with canned tuna and tuna preserves. Consider, for example, tuna packets. With Deepblue preserves from Barendrecht, near Rotterdam, you are always assured of a optimal quality. This is because our fish is canned soon after a sustainable catch.

Discover the various possibilities and create dishes with tuna

Canned tuna provides a responsible choice in many ways. Tuna and tuna preserves are indeed a suitable option to incorporate into your meal, such as tuna risotto. When you choose tuna and tuna preserves from Deepblue, you are assured of high-quality. Contact us for more information. Call 010 20 40 160 or send an email to