Sustainable anchovies

At our company in Barendrecht, near Rotterdam, you choose socially responsible and sustainably caught anchovies. Responsible business practices are of utmost importance to us. We take responsibility for labor conditions, the sustainability of fish stocks, and combating illegal fishing.

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Choose our sustainable products, including canned anchovies

For decades, Deepblue has been one of the most renowned brands for canned fish in the Netherlands. Our fish is always caught in the wild, with responsible business practices being a crucial pillar. After the catch, the fish is promptly canned, ensuring you always enjoy fresh products. The factories we collaborate with adhere to the right standards to guarantee the health and safety of our products. Additionally, some products in our range carry the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification. This certification signify sustainability and ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy healthy and sustainable anchovies, canned anchovies, and other fish products.

Enjoy sustainably caught fish

In addition to anchovies, we offer various other products in our range, always ensuring a sustainable approach. Consider, for example, cod liver. You can purchase our products at the supermarket. For inquiries about our practices or our range, please call us at 010 20 40 160 or send an email to