Canned salmon

With Deepblue's canned salmon, you can quickly serve delicious and responsible dishes. In the North-East Pacific FAO 67 and Northwest Pacific FAO 61, our fishermen set out early in the morning to catch the salmon, using the purse seine fishing technique. Wild salmon is harvested from the water using surrounding nets and lift nets, always in a responsible friendly and sustainable manner.

  • Versatile & tasty recipes
  • Straight from the ocean
  • Responsible choice

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Canned Salmon: responsible and delicious

Canned salmon is highly suitable for preparing responsible meals. With our salmon carrying the MSC certification, you are assured of sustainable fishing practices. Within our range, you'll find various types of salmon, including wild red salmon. Use it to create a salmon quiche or a pasta with salmon and zucchini. All these dishes are not only delicious but also fit within a responsible dietary pattern. If you need inspiration for meal preparation, we have various recipes for canned salmon. With these recipes, you'll learn to make new delicious dishes, such as a responsible salmon burger.

Create a delicious meal with salmon

Deepblue from Barendrecht, near Rotterdam, delivers high-quality products. With canned salmon, you can create delicious and simultaneously responsible meals. Additionally, we offer many other varieties, such as cod liver. Contact us for inquiries about our species. Reach our office by calling  010 20 40 160 or emailing