Canned herring

Canned herring from Deepblue is delicious on bread, but it can also be used in many other dishes. After responsibly catching our herring, the fish is sorted, cleaned, and canned as quickly as possible by certified manufacturers. Due to this rapid process, our canned herring retains almost as many nutrients as fresh herring

  • Versatile & tasty recipes
  • Straight from the ocean
  • Responsible choice

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Canned Herring: guaranteed quality

With our canned herring, you have guaranteed quality. There are various dishes you can make with herring. We offer three types of herring, namely:

Canned herring is ideal for both lunch and dinner meals. Herring is also commonly used in the preparation of various tapas. Like tuna packets, herring is delicious and fits within a responsible dietary pattern. Enjoy delightful meals made with herring.

Canned herring: guaranteed optimal freshness

Create a tasty and responsible meal with canned herring. Taste the various varieties and choose your favorite. You can easily find our herring at your local supermarket. If you have any questions about our herring or other fish varieties, we are happy to assist you at 010 20 40 160 or