Recipes with canned fish

We offer various recipes with canned fish. As a leading brand in the Netherlands for decades, you are guaranteed optimal quality. With a range that includes many different types of canned fish, there's always a delicious recipe that suits your taste.

  • Versatile & tasty recipes
  • Straight from the ocean
  • Responsible choice

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Various recipes with canned fish: create a delicious meal

With our canned fish, various recipes are possible. Our fish varieties allow you to create not only a tasty meal but also a responsible dish, thanks to the many healthy nutrients in fish. Our canned fish represents a sustainable choice, as we catch all our fish in a responsible manner. When you think of fish, you might quickly think of salmon or tuna, but we offer many other types of specialities, including mussels in a can.

Create delicious recipes with fish

With Deepblue specialities, you can easily prepare the most delicious dishes, such as a crab cocktail. Deepblue in Barendrecht, near Rotterdam, always offers high-quality fish. Contact us for any questions about our products or procedures. Call us at 010 20 40 160 or send an email to