Responsible entrepreneurship

Deepblue considers responsible entrepreneurship to be of the highest priority. Whether concerning the working conditions of fishermen or factory workers, the sustainability of fishing resources, combatting illegal fishing or guaranteeing the quality of our products, Deepblue thinks and acts responsibly!


All factories that we work with are regularly reviewed and must meet the set standards (HACCP, BRC, IFS) that guarantee the healthiness and safety of our products. Additionally, a number of our products are MSC certified or carry the Alaska Seafood certificate. These certificates signify sustainability (long term fishing management), to make sure that future generations will continue to be able to enjoy healthy and tasty fish products.

On top of this, our Deepblue tuna carries the “Dolphin Safe” logo. This logo is given to fishing companies by the Earth Island Institute, which utilises a monitoring system to ensure that dolphins are kept safe by commercial fishing activities.