Deepblue Fair Trade MSC Tuna

Fish and seafood are an important source of export currency for developing countries and are of major economic interest. Although fair trade has been around for a long time in small-scale agriculture, such responsible trade models were not available for traditional small-scale coastal fishermen until recently.

To change this situation Fair Trade USA has developed, together with fishing experts and NGOs, a technical standard for Fair Trade wild fish. Products from this program will receive the Fair Trade Certified logo and may be distributed worldwide.

Gloe & Zeitz has secured the distribution rights for Maldivian Fair Trade fish products for The Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia. Therefore we can now proudly present sustainable Deepblue Fair Trade MSC canned tuna.


Deepblue the most sustainable brand of the Netherlands !

We are delighted that small and coastal fisheries in development countries finally have got a chance to join the proven Fair Trade program and to take advantage of social norms, especially in comparison to the sometimes precarious situations at large trawlers and at industrial canned tuna processors. We finally have the opportunity to market this accordingly with an internationally recognised certificate.

This Deepblue tuna is the first fish product in The Netherlands that has obtained both MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and Fair Trade.



Rewarding the initiative on the Maldives with MSC and Fair Trade is a true milestone – we tread new paths when it comes to ecological and socially responsible fish and seafood production.